GRisk is a macro risk analytics platform.



Who We Are

We are a team of experienced professionals passionate about bringing clarity to a world full of noise. Our goal is to understand how global political and policy events affect markets and industries – on a quantitative, real-time basis. Our combined expertise in finance, international affairs and data science allows us to examine the causality between politics and business with unique perspectives, which translate into concise and market-relevant data and insights for our clients.

Our specialties include policy analysis, macroeconomic research, natural language processing and machine learning, and global knowledge management. In particular, we pride ourselves with our in-depth understanding of China and the impact of Chinese political developments on global markets. Without exception, each member of our team speaks two or more critical languages, and holds at least a postgraduate degree from top universities.

GRisk is founded in Shanghai, China with offices in Hong Kong and Washington, DC.

Why We Are Different

GRisk is founded on the intersection of political risk consulting and data-as-a-service industries. While we recognize the importance of human intelligence and expert insights, we also believe that in order for clients to make business and investment decisions in fast-moving markets, there is a need to monitor, process, and analyze risk events with minimal latency and barriers. That’s why our solutions include both long-horizon country research and real-time event monitoring, which together serve as trusted resources for our clients in global financial institutions and firms.

GRisk has put in place the following controls to ensure that our research meets the highest ethics, professional and compliance standards:

  1. GRisk has appointed a designated compliance professional accountable for the Company’s compliance policies and procedures.
  2. We have established recordkeeping and information control policies, and communicate such policies clearly and frequently to employees and relevant external consultants.
  3. We organize regular training for our employees, as well as relevant external consultants.
  4. GRisk has an editorial process to review, edit, and vet all client-facing research reports for the exclusion of information that may be deemed either confidential, or material and nonpublic.
  5. Potential conflicts involving the Company’s structure or employee’s personal or financial conflicts are carefully vetted by the Company. Such potential conflicts are either adequately disclosed, or subject to walling-off procedures.
  6. GRisk employees review and certify on an annual basis their agreement with the terms of our compliance policies.
  7. Grisk employees have ready access to all compliance policies, and have the ability to seek clarification from the Company’s leadership team and compliance professionals.