Driving Clarity

GRisk is a global macro risk analytics platform dedicated to bringing clarity to a world full of noise. Our expertise in finance, international affairs and data science allows us to examine the causality between politics and business with unique perspectives, which translate into concise and market-relevant data and insights for our clients.


Leading U.S. brands signal international expansion through partnership with China-based GRisk

China Top Views 2019

China under President Xi’s leadership is tackling some of the hardest tasks and undertaking reforms with historic significance in 2019

China’s Economic Outlook 2019

Our forecast and analysis of the Chinese economy in 2019.

US-China Relations Base Case 2019

A Bumpy Road Ahead

Plenum by GRisk

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Risk Momentum Analysis + Event Tracking

GRisk’s proprietary Risk Momentum algorithm provides clear and quantified views that connect the dots between global risk events and market trends. Our multi-lingual natural language processing (NLP) engine, combined with social media monitoring and globally deployed analysts, help users track and understand risk events.

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Customizable, easy-to-use dashboard

Tailored dashboard based on your asset exposure and/or geographic priorities

Real-time events monitoring

Event monitoring algorithm based on multilingual natural language processing capabilities

Accessible analysts across time zones

Combining the advantages of human and artificial intelligence

Proprietary “Risk Momentum” model

Allows modeling based on quantitative risk backtracking and forecast